Why makeup is good for you?

According to a post from Mc Daniel College Europe, makeup brings negative effect to children. They think children and teenagers should be to enjoy their childhood and just be kids, rather than worry about fashion or makeup trends.  Also, the toxic ingredients used in cosmetic products will influence their health. With this, I have a disagreement. I don't think... Continue Reading →


Supermodel Claudia Schiffer ccollaborates with ArtDeco Cosmetics

Claudia Schiffer has launched her eponymous makeup line with German beauty brand ArtDeco to create the limited-edition collection. These limited edition products will be available in the form of the Claudia Schiffer Make Up – Claudia’s Beauty Secrets for ARTDECO  capsule collection, exclusively available in selected Sa Sa stores nationwide. Here is the top pick for this limited... Continue Reading →

Correct order of Skincare Routine [video]

Night time skincare is a key step in your daily skincare. Applying the right skincare and skin care products before bedtime will make your skincare more effective. The right skincare routine can be conducive to the absorption of skincare products. If the skin care steps wrong, not only will the nutrition component of the product be... Continue Reading →

How-to : Kate trap impact eyeshadow

I’m always a fan of Kate Tokyo cosmetics. It’s one of the brands that I have followed 3 years and I’m still using them until today. I remember back then there’s a collection that is not available in Malaysia and I have to buy it from Taiwan.  Anyway, Kate trap impact eyeshadow is my favourite of the month.... Continue Reading →

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