Interview with Richeen Siew: Tips for a confident outfit [video]

Good morning, everyone! Welcome back!

Are you putting yourself down when choosing an outfit? I believe that most of the people do because clothing is very important for a person and will affect people confidently.

Over the past few days, I caught up with Malaysian Fashionista, Richeen Siew who has always been a fashion enthusiast with a huge interest in the beauty of wearable art, how it reflects a personal style and appreciate edginess styled with quirky retro elements. There is a lot of people asked her if he was Japanese because of her name and her looks like a Japanese.


Richeen was listed as “10 Malaysian Lookbook Girls to Follow Fashion Inspiration” in 2015 and be chosen as ViVi Magazine Model in 2015.


I am very appreciate Richeen accepted my interview in her busy schedule. Here, Richeen gives some tips on putting a confident outfit together. I find it very helpful and informative and hope you will too! Enjoy!

Richeen currently a 21 years old and fresh graduate student. She pursued a diploma in Advertising and Marketing with IACT College and is currently freelancing as a graphic designer. As a student in Advertising, it pushes her creative abilities to speak and convince an audience through art. In addition, she knew her greatest strengths revolve around the many aspects of Art when she was young.

Moreover, Richeen considers her personal style is in between provocative, sophisticated, girly and bold. Her style almost always dark and broody but with unexpected colors, textures and prints. If you love Richeen’s style – wearing black, pretty and coquettish or would like to find cool ways to enliven it without sacrificing edge, just take a look and follow Richeen’s Instagram for her personal style inspiration!


Richeen started becoming fascinated with fashion when she was in primary school. “My favourite TV shows were Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). I believe that those were the times when I fall deeply in love with the world of Fashion,” she said.

Besides that, Richeen was very admiring Kylie JennerTengku Chanela JamidahSophia Amoruso, especially Margaret Zhang.

“I love how Fashion makes someone feel alive, more confident and with the right outfit, it gives anyone an instant mood booster,” Richeen added.

The most important part comes here. Everyone has their own insecurities when it comes to body image so Richeen shares her fashion rules when putting an outfit together. By the way, she believes that everyone has their own fashion bible and know what makes them more comfortable. To have a confident outfit, we must emphasize own strength.

For Richeen, she chooses to emphasize her waist, height and collarbone. “My favourite piece of clothing would be a High Waisted Palazzo Pants as it accentuates my waist and the flare bottom creates an illusion of a taller figure. I usually avoid wearing mid-rise or low waisted pants or sleeveless clothing as it accentuates insecure parts of my body,” she said.


Besides that, the favourite item of Richeen is a Stripe Palazzo Pants that she purchased from Zalora last year and it has been her all-time favourite piece of clothing to her. The fabric of the pant is thin but heavy, high waisted and flatters in all the right places of her body. “I am confident enough to wear a Stripe Palazzo Pants with a tee-shirt for a casual look, or with a sexy top for a night out,” she said.

The accessories are very important to Richeen too. She always adds on some accessories to make her outfit more vibrant, even though all these are black in color. “My allergies will never stop from wearing earrings,” she said.


Moreover, she shares her favourite spots for finding fashion treasures. As a person who prefers shopping online than brick and mortar, her favourite online shopping platforms are Zalora, Blaqmagik Lvrs, Shoppr and many more.

In addition, the way Richeen stay updated on the current trends is her daily dose of social media. Besides that, the reduction of magazines on the stand has shifted Richeen focus to newsletters from her favourite digital platforms such as Buro – a website which provides unparalleled coverage and access to the world of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, watches, and contemporary culture.

Here is a video created and edited by Richeen to share her casual outfit. Hope you guys like it. Let’s take a look!

It’s been really great connecting with Richeen and I would like to thank Richeen spend her precious time for the interview!

Stay-up-to-date by following Richeen on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, if you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment to let me know. Thank you!



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